What is Yo! Games?

Lots of games!

We have many games for you to explore, some familiar some new. But you are also always welcome to bring and introduce your own games.

Themed Events

We never know when Yo! Games is gonna happen so sometimes we have themed parties like for example on Halloween. Just to add to the fun.

Meet friendly new faces!

Meet new friendly faces in a fun and casual setting. play games co-operative or get competitive and crush your opponents soul under the massive weight of defeat.


History of Yo! Games

Yo! Games started as 2 friends who wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons.
this quickly turned into something we never could have dreamt of.

We didn't have any knowledge about Dungeons and Dragons at the time,
but in the hope to come across someone who did, we started hosting some game nights at our homes.

This turned out to reach a lot more interested people than we initially expected...
And therefor we needed more space.

Finding a place to host Yo! Games wasn't too hard.
We now can host a nice amount of interested and eager people who all share the same passion for card games,
board games and everything in between and around.

there's even groups of people that come to play mario kart on nintendo ds together.
Join us on an evening of fun and laughter.

Play together or challenge someone for the battle of their life.
Make new friends or find a nemesis.

Yo! Games, imagination is only the start.


Get tickets

Event Date: 24 September 2022 - 20:00

Why do we ask an entrance fee?

We get it, paying for things? "ew cringe" am I right?
Sadly enough not everything in life is for free The money we ask of you guys is used to buy new games or replace things when in need.
We do not earn anything and put all the money right back into the cause.